The used cars market is becoming strategic for manufacturers and distributors. The model generates an important proliferation of innovations and fascinating evolutions in the coming years. But one thing is already certain: the success of this model will necessarily involve refurbishing factories with industrial processes under control.

Here are the main steps of the used cars refurbishing process (see the interactive map below) :

  • Upstreams logistics :
    • Pulled flow used cars delivery.
    • Goal : feed the factory continuously.
  • Road test :
    • Dynamic diagnosis : noise, braking, parallelism, air conditioning...
    • Equipments control : gps, radars, ...
  • Cleaning : Complete cleaning before expertise
  • Expertise :
    • Full expertise of the used car : mechanics, bodywork, cockpit.
    • Preparation of the estimate (workforce + spare parts).
  • Spare parts warehouse : Just-in-time spare parts management (optimized stocks).
  • Mechanical repair : Draining, pneumatic, braking, clutch, timing belt change, ...
  • Bodywork preparation : Putty, dent repair, welding, plastic repairs (bumper), ...
  • Painting + finishes : Hue application, varnish.
  • Quality : Aesthetic preparation & final quality control.
  • Photo: 360┬░ indoor / outdoor photo shooting.
  • Downstream logistics : Batch preparation and expedition.

Here is a interactive map that shows the whole process (feel free to zoom, switch to fullscreen, click on the markers, ...) :

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